iHeater Is Proud To Present New Products For Fall 2013

September 10th, 2013

Readers in certain parts of the nation may still be reveling in the last rays of summer sun, but Fall’s cooler temperatures and longer nights are quickly approaching. Of course, we couldn’t be happier here at iHeater—we’ve got plenty to be excited for as we ring in the autumn season. We take our jobs as And we think our readers will perk up too once they learn why!

iHeater is adding new electric heaters to our product line. Today we’ll introduce you to the iHeater Micro-250, a tiny but powerful new space heater with some very neat features that we think you’ll enjoy getting to know. This unobtrusive model takes up minimal space but produces a halo of warmth that will keep you cozy with our patented infrared heater technology, ComfortCorePTC®. As with all of our heaters, the Micro-250 won’t dry out the air in your home or become hot to the touch.

Available in black or white, our innovative new Micro-250 is an attractive wall-mounted heater with a compact design, built with efficiency in mind. It’s also incredibly user-friendly, featuring an easy to read adjustable digital thermostat. Its timer settings can go up to nine hours, and it has high/low settings as well. This durable unit also comes with splash protection, making it a great choice for portable heat in a workshop, craft room or kitchen. And don’t worry if you don’t have much electrical outlet real estate to spare—all the Micro-250 needs is one 120V outlet, and it will leave your top outlet free.

Not all space heaters are created equal. At iHeater, our selection of electric heaters may be small but each product represents an incredible value. Each also comes with its own special features created specifically with the needs of our users in mind. How would you use the new iHeater Micro-250?

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